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Pack & Cheese

I’m not big on jewelry. Good thing considering that early on in our relationship Tim gave me these:

Crispy Gnocchi with Fresh Peas and Bacon

What do you call it when you have to go the bathroom really badly? A “pee-mergency”! And, if you go in the bathroom American and you come out American, what are you while you are in there? You’re a pee-ing! (European)

Classic Pesto

Although Oakley is now a fan of tomato sauce, her pasta sauce of choice remains pesto. Good thing, given that we have 8 basil plants in 4 different varieties flourishing in our garden. Before we left for our summer trip, we harvested over 4 pounds of basil (and this was …

“Mac”-n-cheese with Peas and Ham

Macaroni and cheese - comfort food at its best. This is our take on it - no bread crumb topping, cavatappi rather than macaroni, made on the stovetop with peas and ham, but without the ubiquitous blue box. And, no, your kids won’t even miss it. “Macaroni” and Cheese with …