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Miss Megan the Rock Star

Christmas came early this year. Miss Megan (formerly known as Miss Drury and now formally known was Mrs. Stotz - “it rhymes with polka dots!”) came for a visit at the beginning of June. Oakley was so excited to see her favorite teacher again that she was literally shaking when …

The Pool

Most of you will find this completely boring, so I’m going to spare you the details over the next year.  But, we’re excited, cause we’re building a pool and pool house in the back yard.  For those of you who are actually interested, you can keep up with that progress …

29 of her closest relatives… for dinner

I’m sure I’ll share many more pictures later, but I can’t wait on this one… Tonight’s dinner featured 29 of Jenn’s closest relatives… not on the menu of course, but in attendance. (We’ve had 31 total this year, but I managed to miss Drew and Todd.) Enjoy.

34 of Our Closest Relatives

Each summer over the last 14 years, I’ve made the same joke. “I’m going to the beach with 30 of Jenn’s closest relatives.” No one ever believes me… not until now. Now I have proof. 34 leaves on Edward & Drucilla Williams’ Family Tree

Easter Pary 2007

Check out the crowds at the Easter party this year! We had about 100 people flood our house and yard for some serious hunting. Pictures of our girls will follow. Happy Easter!

Map In Progress

OK. I’ve always thought it was really cool when people put maps up with push pins representing every place they’d been in their life or something. (Cool enough that we have one in our house.) But I gotta say, this is even cooler. Google Maps allows you to do this …