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Duck 2010, in pictures

It’s one of our very favorite traditions… a week at the beach with the Haile family.  Every year, we find our way to Duck, where Grammie’s family has gathered for 30 years.  And every year, we love it. Thank you, Grammie & Grandpa

Wave Slamming

The kids (ours and the cousins) were all about the waves this year. While it makes me nervous on occasion, I can’t really argue with them. The waves are absolutely my favorite part of going to the beach too. For you, I have a review of the best wave jumping …

29 of her closest relatives… for dinner

I’m sure I’ll share many more pictures later, but I can’t wait on this one… Tonight’s dinner featured 29 of Jenn’s closest relatives… not on the menu of course, but in attendance. (We’ve had 31 total this year, but I managed to miss Drew and Todd.) Enjoy.


My favorite part of this little video is certainly Oakley’s obliteration, but the rest of it is fun too. Last night, we watched some video taken by the late, great Thelma. I was struck by the fact that even really bad video can become exceptionally valuable/enjoyable with the passage of …

34 of Our Closest Relatives

Each summer over the last 14 years, I’ve made the same joke. “I’m going to the beach with 30 of Jenn’s closest relatives.” No one ever believes me… not until now. Now I have proof. 34 leaves on Edward & Drucilla Williams’ Family Tree

Duck 2008 Video

Nothing produced about this video, just a few captures of what my girls do at the beach… Duck 2008 from Tim Martin on Vimeo.

Duck 2007

That’s right, we’ve been on a trip, and so we have a pile of pictures for you. For those of you who are most desperate to see what happened, I dumped a bunch of picture (100+) on flickr. You should be able to see them as a slideshow, or, if …