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And Then She Was Nine

Oakley’s 9th birthday party plan: Decorate houses. Eat cookies. Play soccer. Oakley’s 10th birthday party plan: Repeat. Isabella, Evy, Oakley, Olivia, Josie, and Parker - soccer pals you may have seen before

Happy Birthday from “Academic”

One thing I love about Oakley is that she just decides to do stuff. It’s not because she’s asked, or she feels she has to, she just decides to do something. This birthday card is a perfect example. front inside… sorry about your age, Aspen

Gingerbread Cookies on a Stick

Sure, I could make this a touching post about how my just-turned 7-year-old requested “gingerbread cookies on a stick, like last year” for her birthday treat.

Happy Birthday, Oakley

WOW! Oakley’s seven! Nope, Oakley isn’t a six year old anymore… This sign of appreciation from Ms Drury’s class tells the story. Oakley is a wonderful little seven year old now.

Oakley’s Birthday Wish

Each year, my foodie wife is kind enough to our girls to let them choose exactly what they’d like to eat for their birthday (well, within reason). This year, she’s spoken with Oakley about it several times. When she asked yesterday, this was the response…

Moving Pictures

So I’ve changed my take on video for my kids. I really can’t be bothered to produce something, so I’m going for what I can do, which are sort of “moving pictures”, like Harry Potter or something. Here are a couple from Oakley’s birthday party. Nothing particularly meaningful at this …


OK, so I managed to go through the whole of Jenn’s birthday yesterday without taking a picture… Oh well, I’m sure she’ll be crushed. As the girls wrote on countless banners around the house, “Happy Brithday, Mammoo!” Aspen (with Oakley’s help) gave Jenn a really sweet gift. She took one …

Birthday Trees

OK, so I intend to take pictures like this on every birthday, or somewhere around it. Here’s a starting point…We’ve had trees planted in the yard for each of the girls. Aspen’s trees are actually river birches, because Aspen’s just won’t survive the summers here, but Oak and Linden have …

Aspen’s Pretend Sleepover

Aspen’s party this year was a pretend sleepover at our house. As is our tradition, Aspen was allowed to invite six friends, and they arrived at 5 o’clock bearing sleeping bags and a stuffed animal. In addition to eating pizza, cake, and ice cream, we played several slumber party-ish games. …