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March Madness Math

Today we start March Madness Math or “Bracketology”. It’s a fun and easy way to tie math into the real world for our kids. Plus it’s a great answer answer to the eternal question of “When am I ever gonna use this?”. Here are some links to get you started, …

Oakley’s Basketball Debut (here on the blog)

Well, a week ago, Oakley made her basketball debut. Amazingly, she actually managed to score her first basket in that game too! Alas, a vast family illness meant that I was the only one there to see it. This week, though, we all made the game and Oakley delivered the …

Aspen’s a Baller, Too

Well, this isn’t Aspen’s first time on a basketball court, but it is her first game in 2010. Her Black Ninjas team got off to a slow start, but made a valiant comeback in the end.

Aspen’s Basketball Debut

At last, after a few days of messing with formats and video companies, I have Aspen’s Basketball Debut ready for you. Quite frankly, I was worried about this game. Our practices have been quite chaotic, and I thought things could be remarkably ugly. Well, the game was a pleasant surprise, …