< class="entry-title">My Gift to You

I apologize.  I’ve been AWOL.  And, as my form of apology, I have this picture to offer. Taken on a Colorado River trip, in June of 1997.  For those of you know me now, without hair, it probably looks like some wings have been affixed to my head.

< class="entry-title">Albert Haynesworth

I’ve actually written a fair amount this over on the work blog, but I thought I’d share it here as well. Today at work, we rocked the Albert Haynesworth Fitness Challenge. If you’d care to watch me suffer, feel free:

< class="entry-title">New York City

My wife is an exceptionally committed mother. In the 3409 nights that have passed since Aspen’s birth, Jenn has spent but a handful of nights away from her girls. 6 nights to be with her mom as she fought off cancer 2 nights to give birth to Oakley 2 nights …

< class="entry-title">The Giraffe

Today was a good day, a memorable one. Like most Saturdays, it started at the market, where we bought some 32 quarts of strawberries… But that’s another post. From there, to the soccer fields, where the Purple Pandas (Aspen’s team) managed a 1-1 draw against a team that had beaten …

< class="entry-title">Pub for Tim!

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that Jenn was featured in featured in Saveur, which was very cool. Today, thanks to a tweet from Angie Six, I learned that something I wrote was quoted in The Washington Post. How cool is that? If you’d care to read the article, feel …

< class="entry-title">Happy Birthday from “Academic”

One thing I love about Oakley is that she just decides to do stuff. It’s not because she’s asked, or she feels she has to, she just decides to do something. This birthday card is a perfect example. front inside… sorry about your age, Aspen

< class="entry-title">Old Pictures… Soccer

Over the summer, I boxed up a number of pictures at my parents’ house, shipped them home, and then did nothing with them upon arrival. Well, last night I decided they needed to get out of my closet, so I took pictures of them. And now, I’ll start sharing them …

< class="entry-title">Camp Chippewa… 75 years

I’ve mentioned it before, but Camp Chippewa holds an incredibly special place in my heart. People have asked me on occasion if we’re ever gonna “try for a boy”. I say unequivocally, “Why would we?” I adore my three girls and wouldn’t trade them for anything. The same people wonder …

< class="entry-title">Two More Witches

Yesterday, I shared with you the tree, er, three broomsticks… Today, I share with you… their parents!

< class="entry-title">Maple Ice Cream with Wet Nuts

When examining the graham cracker box the other day as we were making s’mores, the girls asked why they aren’t spelled “gram” crackers. We explained that things are often named after the person who invented or popularized them (in this case, by Sylvester Graham in 1829). Following this logic, Tim …