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Back in Bologna

After 2 weeks of cancelled games (hello spring soccer!), Lou’s team was finally back in action yesterday. It’s good to be back. And it’s good to be Bologna.

And Then She Was Nine

Oakley’s 9th birthday party plan: Decorate houses. Eat cookies. Play soccer. Oakley’s 10th birthday party plan: Repeat. Isabella, Evy, Oakley, Olivia, Josie, and Parker – soccer pals you may have seen before

8 Soccer Games in 29 Hours

Here’s how we ended the fall soccer season in Atlanta the first weekend of December: 8 games in 29 hours! 2 medalists (both Aspen and Oakley) 1 semifinal of the NCAA Women’s College World Cup (Stanford v. Florida State) Was it worth it? Just look at their faces below: BWSC …

Mystery Meats, Mascots, and Moves

Lou got placed on the red team this fall in U-7 soccer. Tim was the coach. “Bologna” got chosen as the team name. Yes, really. We had a mystery meat as our mascot. Tim got to sing “My Bologna” to the tune of “My Sharona“. And I got these pictures …

The Near Miss

Another weekend, another pile of soccer. Oakley’s BWSC 03 Elite team qualified for the finals of their local tournament, and gave it a go against a superior TNFC Black squad.  I think this near-goal sequence was telling of the match (although I missed it to be at Aspen’s games). Check …

Coach Brandon’s Coaching Resume

We had another great weekend of travel soccer this past weekend… (Our second of the year, incidentally.  We had a great time in Asheville, too.)  The highlight was that we had a couple occasions where the team listened to the coach.  And even better, the lovely Jenn caught them in …

Aspen’s Assist in Asheville

Aspen (#17) crosses Molly (#22) scores! U-11 Girls White Division Finalists – Riverside Summer Shootout, Asheville, NC back row (l-r): Coach Idris, Erika, Rachel, Remi, Aspen, Cristina, Coach Kyle front row (l-r): Liv, Sarah (Howie), Laurel, Caroline, Sam

Oakley’s 1st Tattoo,Tournament, & Trophy

This is Oakley’s first year playing club soccer. To be quite honest, we weren’t sure how it would go. Going in, we knew she liked soccer, due to Daddy and Aspen’s influence. Now she loves it, due to Coach Brandon’s influence. Our conversation one night on the way home from …

Wherein Abby Roars Before She Scores

In the end, it was the greatest sporting moment I’ve ever experienced. Great moments, memorable ones, are always a confluence of events.  A first quarter three pointer fades from memory before the game ends.  For me, and for us, this moment was special in the game and beyond. The Background …