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American History Museum

More DC Day 5: American History Museum and Natural History Museum

Refreshed and rejuvenated after a lovely lunch, we “museumed on”. Next up? The American History Museum and the Natural History Museum. Yep, both. In one afternoon. How’d we do it? There’s an app for that! The free Smithsonian app provides a highlights section complete with location, details, and pictures of …

Founding Farmers in Washington, DC

DC Day 5: National Archives and Founding Farmers

Wednesday morning began with a tour of the National Archives. I highly recommend making online reservations for the two hour guided tour because for a mere $1.50 each you get to enter earlier and thereby skip the lines to see the Charters of Freedom. Well worth it. Cameras aren’t allowed …

National Mall

More DC Day 4: A Monumental Bike Ride

It was a lovely spring afternoon, so we decided to rent bikes to tour the National Mall and memorial parks. Along with all the other tourists! It took us three stops at bike rentals before we found bikes. We rode them all over! Without a doubt, this is the ideal …

Supreme Court, Library of Congress, and Monuments

DC Day 4: Supreme Court and Library of Congress

  One of Aspen’s requests was to see the notorious RBG. And so we did. On Tuesday morning we headed out to the Supreme Court hoping to hear the one hour oral arguments in the 10 am case. We arrived at 9:30 am and stood in line hoping to get …

Holocaust Museum and Washington Monument

DC Day 3: Holocaust Museum

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum was stunningly powerful. The smell of the old leather shoes haunts me still. The girls were completely absorbed for over 3 hours. This, along with the Newseum, was our favorite museum of the trip (and we saw a lot of museums). The best museums …

D.C. Day 2: Newseum and Union Station

DC Day 2: Newseum

After settling in on our first day, we were up and at ‘em on Sunday. At 11:00 am. Yep, I let the girls sleep in. As much as I was tempted to go, go, go, I realized that sleep, sleep, sleep was important, too. Our lazy morning gave way to …

Our DC Rowhouse

DC Day 1

With Spring Break quickly approaching, I texted the girls to ask them each individually where they’d like to go. I gave them 4 choices: nowhere (staycation), New Orleans, Key West/Everglades, or Washington, DC. In a rare moment of unanimity, they all responded with DC. (Good thing as I didn’t have …

Camp Nakanawa 2015

July means Camp Nakanawa for our girls. This is Aspen and Oakley’s 5th summer and Linden’s 2nd. Here are some highlights from camp. For all of our camp pictures, click here. Tip a Canoe with Lou!   Lou was chosen to be the Amazon Brave at Council Ring. “O Captain …

Music City Block Party Champs

Celebrating after winning a point Back row: Shaye, Maddie, Karaley, Charley, Oakley, Julia Front row:Davey, Lauren, Mason (Haley was sick) Coach Halley and Coach Jake join in What – no medals? Nope, instead the champs each received a $10 iTunes gift card. Score!