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Camp Nakanawa 2018: Oakley

“Favorite people, favorite place, favorite summer.” – Oakley Caroline A., Oakley, Caroline D., McKenna Oakley and Caroline A. Registering for classes with a certain TR’s help Caroline A. and Oakley Amazing Amazons Oakley, Caroline D, and McKenna Caroline D, Sophie, McKenna, and Oakley McKenna, Caroline A, Oakley, and Anna Cutie …

2018 Willco Awards

2018 Willco Awards

Female Team of the Year   The Juniors (l-r): Sydney, Celia, Tori, Aspen, Analeigh, and Andrea The Freshmen (l-r): Morgan, Reese, Karaley, Axie, Oakley, Mary, Lucy, Sarah, Phoebe, and Shaye Ladies in red: Oakley and Karaley

A Thinking Christian

Yesterday I had a fascinating conversation with Oakley. Often she’s quiet and reserved, like a normal 14 year old, and I do well to get a couple of words out of her. And that’s on a good day. But not yesterday. Yesterday was a great day. Yesterday she wanted to …

Market Lunch at Eastern Market

DC Day 8: Goodbye

The unanimous choice for our last meal: brunch at Market Lunch at the Eastern Market. The Bluebucks made Oakley happy and silly. She’ll fight you for them! We didn’t realize what a popular brunch spot this is on Saturday mornings but it was worth the wait. The Crabcake Benedict was …

Georgetown University

More DC Day 7: Georgetown University

After cutting out of the long line at the Capitol, we ubered to Georgetown University – only because there’s no Metro stop at Georgetown. Following Brian’s advice (after all, he’s a proud Hoya who went there for both undergrad and law school), we ate lunch at Booeymonger. It’s a deli …

US Capitol

DC Day 7: US Capitol

Chilling in Sen. Bob Corker’s office awaiting our tour of the US Capitol. Aspen, unlike most 16 year olds, is reading The Wall Street Journal while Lou, like most 11 year olds, is playing on her iPod. Both don’t want their picture taken. Not surprisingly, Fox News (ugh!) was on in Sen. …