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Lou - Amazon

Camp Nakanawa 2014: Lou

The newest Amazon, just like her sisters!   4th of July Fun \ The Overnight    Free Day: Friendship Bracelets (and showing her World Cup spirit) Junior Camp, Cabin 2  Fairy House Double Trouble Lily, a camp dog, before she got sprayed by a skunk   Valkyrie Vespers Sock Hop: …

Lou - Amazon

“I’m a Legend!”

After a month filed with pool parties, volleyball, a long weekend and tournament in St. Louis (where we all finally got to explore the awesome City Museum), 8 days in Orlando for our final tournament along with Disney, Universal, and Sea World thrown in, a quick trip to visit my …


Last Friday was the 2nd grade play, “Squirm: a Wiggly, Giggly, Squiggly Musical.” Lou sang a duet with her friend Ashley in the opening number. They nailed it! (Sadly, I can’t say the same for my video skills that day. My poor 3rd child!) She was also a dancing crocodile …

Reef Bay and the Hike

Yesterday, we went on the Reef Bay Trail Hike. It was fun, and I learned lots of new things. Our hike leader, Mr. Kent, was very nice and knew a lot about the island. First, we took a taxi to the beginning of the trail. Then we started off. Along …

Hello, My Name Is

Tonight at dinner, Linden (that’s what she goes by at school) announced that since her classmate Blake constantly mispronounces her name as Linda, she now calls him Chuck. That’s our girl!

Linden’s Hierarchy of Needs

This is from a writing sample that just came home from school yesterday, on Lindy’s last day of 1st grade. My needs: 1. Foods that are healthey [sic]. 2. shelter.  3. water.  4. clothes.  5. care.  6. love. My wants: 1. pet dog.  2. pet chickens.  3. uneven bars.  4. …

St. John: An Inauspicious Beginning

The girls’ “big” Christmas gift this year was, in fact, big: a family trip to St. John, United States Virgin Island. Tim and I have been planning this since March and decided to keep it a secret from the girls. Saving the big reveal to Christmas Day was awesome! For …

Lou’s Debut

Finally. Her wait is over. This fall marks Lou’s club soccer debut. Enjoy the highlights from #41′s fun first season with Coach Marcella and Coach Yusuf.

Blueberries for Lou

Lou with a bucket in her favorite color and her favorite letter at Golden Bell Blueberry Farm – score! Lou and Lucky, the farm dog Bucket o’ Berries