< class="entry-title">Kinderdance 2010 :: Lindy

If you’re a fan of Lindy, and face it, you should be, I have a treat for you. I have 7 minutes of video… and every frame features little Miss Lindy (well, every frame except those in which she bounces away…) As always, so much credit goes to Miss Donna, …

< class="entry-title">Silly Dancing

Yet another silly, dancing video. Yet again, unedited or improved. But if you’re really into my daughters, you might enjoy. I post videos like this one because I’m sure I’ll like it a lot in a couple of years. Still More Silly Dancing from Tim Martin on Vimeo.

< class="entry-title">Hard & Easy

My girls love to dance, and dance they do. In this video, they’re asked to dance… easy and hard… The Trees Dance::Hard & Easy from Tim Martin on Vimeo.

< class="entry-title">Oakley’s Spring Show

While the camera angle isn’t great, Oakley’s performance at her spring show was excellent. She nailed the whole thing without any issues, and looked great doing it.