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Many of you lovely readers are the same folks who come to visit our house on occasion… and if you’re visiting our house, you may well find yourself out back with the chickens, for a visit of course. Well, if you go back there, you may see this new contraption …

Underdocumented: The Chickens

Face it, I’ve failed you all.  I have not provided nearly enough pictures of our ever growing flock.  And no, I’m not talking about the lack of pictures of the girls lately.  I mean our literal flock.

Our Chicks

Our chicks (the 3 human ones and the 26 poultry ones) before heading out to catch the bus. A few things to note: the colors of the shirts: yellow=Kindergarten, blue=3nd grade, tie-dye=5th grade the hair of the Oak: Robert Palmer’s Addicted to Love video the names of the chicks: soccer players …