< class="entry-title">Zucchini Lemon Muffins

“Why do folks in Lake Woebegone lock their cars during the summer? To prevent their neighbors from leaving bags of zucchini in the car.” -Garrison Keillor on NPR’s Prairie Home Companion However, one bite of these light and bright muffins may just make you unlock your car doors!

< class="entry-title">Panzanella

Panzanella. Bread Salad. Take your pick of what you want to call this. ‘Round here we just call it good.

< class="entry-title">Popovers

Isn’t there something magical about popovers,? No yeast, baking soda, or baking powder is needed to transform a handful of simple ingredients (just eggs, milk, flour, salt, and butter) into edible hot air balloons. The steam that’s created in the hot oven is what makes them pop – and makes …