< class="entry-title">Jenn is sick

My wife is sick, and I do feel bad for her. One sign of her constitution is that she still made me go to the poker game I had planned last night. This morning, she told me something Lindy did yesterday. Jenn was resting on the couch. She was feeling …

< class="entry-title">Paleta!

Paleta!, originally uploaded by flamingobear. We do love paletas. 19 of 30

< class="entry-title">Bedtime

Bedtime, originally uploaded by flamingobear. Aspen is reading to her sisters. It’s homework and bedtime reading atthe same time. At one point, Aspen said, “I’m teaching Oakley reading strategies.” I thought, “Hmm, I should probably find out what those are…” 18 of 30

< class="entry-title">Lou

Lou, originally uploaded by flamingobear. Yup, I got an iPhone. So now you get to feel the pain of me takingstupid pictures in random places and posting them. Sorry! 17 of 30

< class="entry-title">A lovely dinner

A lovely dinner, originally uploaded by flamingobear. 16 of 30

< class="entry-title">Why my job is cool

20080218-38-14619.jpg, originally uploaded by flamingobear. Sorry, I missed a day yesterday. I found myself laid up in bed for most of the day yesterday with whatever it is that’s making its way around. Fortunately, I was just about entirely recovered 14 hours after it started. So, I decided to stay …

< class="entry-title">Underrepresented

20080216-37-14615.jpg, originally uploaded by flamingobear. OK, so I noticed that I’m totally underrepresented in our photo collection and on the blog. I am only slightly behind some other parent, but I decided I would attempt to rectify that to some degree tonight. So, I made Jenn take a picture of …

< class="entry-title">More Great Cake?

20080216-36-14593.jpg, originally uploaded by flamingobear. That’s right, partly due to circumstances, and partly because Jenn was ready, we passed on our typical, wonderful baked goods from Kingsport and Jenn created these. Strawberry cupcakes, at Aspen’s request, topped with whipped cream and a real strawberry. I must say, they were quite …

< class="entry-title">Her Birthday Hat

20080216-36-14598.jpg, originally uploaded by flamingobear. Aspen created her own birthday hat this evening using bows for the gifts she opened earlier. I thought that was pretty cool. 12 of 30

< class="entry-title">Birthday Presents

20080216-36-14582.jpg, originally uploaded by flamingobear. Birthday presents abound around here on February 16th. Bow by Jenn, note by Oakley. 11 of 30