Music City Block Party Champs

Celebrating after winning a point Back row: Shaye, Maddie, Karaley, Charley, Oakley, Julia Front row:Davey, Lauren, Mason (Haley was sick) Coach Halley and Coach Jake join in What – no medals? Nope, instead the champs each received a $10 iTunes gift card. Score!

Winner, Winner, (No) Chicken Dinner

    Bounce     Toss           Serve       Set     Win! MLK Kickoff Classic Champs                     Victory celebration at the bowling alley with Morgan and Maggie


Wayward Sailor

On the very last day of 2014, we went sailing and snorkeling with Captain Phil and First Mate Tarn on the Wayward Sailor. What a way to cap off the year! We met Capt. Phil in Cruz Bay and then headed out on a dinghy to his 50 year old …