Camp Nakanawa 2018: Aspen

“8 summers well spent.” – Aspen

4th of July with Olivia

Olivia, Ramsay, and Aspen sitting

Ramsay, Aspen, and Olivia standing

Catherine and Aspen: Patriotic Pals

Olivia, Aspen, Anna Lynne, and Wagner

Abigail and Aspen

Olivia, Catherine, and Aspen

Cat and Aspen

Cat, Aspen, and Madeleine

Caroline D,. Aspen, Olivia, and Oakley

Aspen and Olivia at the Scooby Doo themed VSP

Olivia and Aspen

At Trophy Night, “Aspen Martin…she gives us wit.”

Her last ever camper photo

Tent Row 2018 or TR18


Each TR girl adds something to her TR Jacket and then wills it to a girl 1 year younger (rising TR) at the end of camp
8 summers well spent, indeed

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