Camp Nakanawa 2018: Oakley

“Favorite people, favorite place, favorite summer.” – Oakley

Caroline A., Oakley, Caroline D., McKenna


Oakley and Caroline A.


Registering for classes with a certain TR’s help


Caroline A. and Oakley


Amazing Amazons

Oakley, Caroline D, and McKenna

Caroline D, Sophie, McKenna, and Oakley

McKenna, Caroline A, Oakley, and Anna

Cutie with a crooked helmet

Wall is fun!

Cabin 10

Caroline D, McKenna, Oakley, Caroline A, and Hollis

Hollis, Caroline A, McKenna, Oakley, and Caroline D. enjoy ice cream after the circus

Oakley and McKenna slipping n sliding into summer

McKenna and Oakley: Bathing Beauties and BFF’s

Whitewater rafting on the Ocoee River (Oak’s sporting the white helmet)

Camp Photo

Oakley the Amazon Warrior Dancer

The Carolines and The Oak

McKenna, Caroline A, Oakley, Caroline D, and Anna

All smiles at the start of The Color Run (and she placed 3rd!)

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