Camp Nakanawa 2015

July means Camp Nakanawa for our girls. This is Aspen and Oakley’s 5th summer and Linden’s 2nd. Here are some highlights from camp. For all of our camp pictures, click here.

Tip a Canoe with Lou!

Lou was chosen to be the Amazon Brave at Council Ring.

“O Captain My Captain!” Oakley was elected Captain of the Junior Camp Amazons. She now gets to help raise the flag and light the bonfire.

Shaving Cream War on the Fourth of July

Watermelon on the 4th – a yummy camp tradition

Lou feeling festive on the 4th with her bunkies and counselor

Aspen’s orange team competes in “The Amazing Race”

Snake holding in the Nature Hut

Oakley is working hard to become a re-qualified stern.

Lift your elbow, Lou! Junior campers take archery, arts and crafts, horseback riding, tennis, canoeing, games, glee club, and nature.

Junior Camp Cabin 4: Isabel, Caroline, Margaret, Lou, and Amelia Kate with their awesome counselor Sarah

Junior Camp Cabin 21

Aspen is taking handbells again this year and is playing here at the camp church service. As an intermediate camper, she has to take swimming, extreme canoeing, glee club, and tennis and chose to add handbells, volleyball, advanced horseback riding, and sailing as her electives.

Aspen and Avery at Camp Circus

Avery, Catherine, and Aspen

Nature’s Slip ‘N Slide

The Amazons getting fired up before a big meet. Beat the Valkyries!

Notice Lou in the back left and Oak (in braid, from behind)

Oak and McKenna

Look at her braid!

Getting ready to do a  back dive in the diving meet

2nd year Intermediates hiked Fall Creek Falls for Trip Day: Avery, Aspen, and Chase

Under the Falls

Amazon Power: Secretary Emiko, Lieutenant Hollis, and Captain Oakley at the Amazon Weenie Roast

S’mores with Hollis

Lou peeking out from her favorite activity, riding

6th graders canoed the Caney Fork River: McKenna, Sydney, Oak, and Caroline

McKenna and Oak again


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