“I’m a Legend!”

After a month filed with pool parties, volleyball, a long weekend and tournament in St. Louis (where we all finally got to explore the awesome City Museum), 8 days in Orlando for our final tournament along with Disney, Universal, and Sea World thrown in, a quick trip to visit my parents, and a long weekend at the lake with the Hickmans – we dropped off not 1, not 2, but 3 excited girls at Camp Nakanawa on Monday.

This is Aspen and Oakley’s 4th summer and Lou’s debut. All 3 are doing the 4 week session this year for the 1st time. (I tried to talk Lou into the 2 week session but she’d have none of it!) Surprisingly she woke up a bit nervous on Monday morning and was extra lovey. When I explained to her that at camp we already knew she’d be getting a red swimsuit to signify Team Amazon because she’s a legacy (her sisters are Amazons), she insisted that I was wrong. She declared, “I’m not a legacy. I”M A LEGEND!”

Once she got settled into her cabin, passed the swim test, and met her bunkies and counselors, she was good to go – back to her confident self, hard at work making her own Camp Nakanawa legacy legend.

(Hmm…having technical difficulties posting pictures from camp but if you just can’t wait, feel free to click here for our flickr stream)

Lou - Amazon


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