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Now that our home is finally fixed from the lightning strike/fire, I can resume blogging about our trip to St. John last Christmas. More from the resident author, Oakley:

Trunk Bay by Oakley

Yesterday, we went to Trunk Bay (as well as Salt Pond Bay Beach). This was a sandy beach, and we were able to arrive successfully because of our new Jeep Wrangler â„¢. Trunk Bay has beautiful teal waters over a carpeting of nice, soft, white sand. The waves were a little bit larger here, but nothing close to an average Duck, North Carolina wave.

The snorkeling at Trunk Bay was the best I have seen yet. The fish were like snowflakes; not one fish was identical to another. It was truly amazing! Trunk Bay also had a really cool snorkeling path were you would go from a white buoy to a red buoy , to a blue you, and at each of the stops you would read a little fact. There were a few more stops along the way with facts. As you went, you also saw many brightly colored fish and black sea urchins.

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