< class="entry-title">Salt Pond Bay Beach

Salt Pond by Oakley

Today, we went to Salt Pond Bay Beach. This beach was a little bit rocky, but the experience was lots of fun just the same. The snorkeling was really cool here as well. The fish were so many different colors; they were red, orange, green, teal, blue, yellow, and even purple! Everything was so pretty. The fish actually like rocks, and so if you snorkel amidst the rocks you get to see many glittering and exotic fish. I even saw a parrotfish, along with many more spiky sea urchins!

At Salt Pond Bay Beach, there is also lots of coral. Today on my visit, I saw many different colors and types of coral such as purple fan coral, green coral with tendrils, blue fan coral, many neutral-colored big reefs, and many other assorted types.

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