< class="entry-title">Hawksnest Bay Beach

Hawksnest by Oakley

Watch Out for Urchins

 Yesterday, we went to our first beach. It was called Hawksnest Bay Beach. It was a sandy beach, and the sand was soft and almost velvety. It washed right over our feet, like a damp cloth swathing a sick forehead. The bay had really small waves; they were only about 3 inches high! I went snorkeling, and we saw some pretty cool fish. There were shades of purple, blue, black, yellow, brown, tan, white; almost every color you could think of. In the water, there was also another creature called a “sea urchin”. This sea urchin is a black sphere with at least 3-inch long spikes sticking out all over its body. There were big ones and small ones, but no matter the size, you would not want to step on one of those! 

A fact: Watch out! Sea urchins nestle down into cracks in rock, so be very careful of where you step!

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