< class="entry-title">Vulcan Cup Victors

Last weekend Oakley and Tim travelled to Birmingham for a soccer tournament. Aspen, Lou, and I stayed here for volleyball practices, a soccer game, and a math competition. Or at least that was the plan until Aspen woke up at 3 am on Saturday with a nasty stomach bug. Oh, well!

Luckily Oakley didn’t get sick. Her weekend kicked off with dinner at Tom, Kiley, Gracie, and Emily Watson’s lovely home in Birmingham. Tom and Kiley are dear friends from college, and Tom was Tim’s best man in our wedding. After that, it was all soccer.

Awesome pregame meeting for Oakley's soccer team.

Pregame meeting with Coach Mo and Coach Annie

My goalie awaits game 2

My goalie awaits game 2 on Saturday

A coach who braids

Getting her “Power Braid” from Coach Annie for Sunday morning’s semifinal (the entire team got one)

Pregame Walkout Vulcan Cup

Pregame Walkout: TSC 03 North (in white) v. TSC 03 South in the finals

Pregame Lineup Vulcan Cup

Hmmm…what is the other coach saying to ours? Maybe he’s commenting on Oakley’s awesome uniform.


Red Diamond Vulcan Cup u10 Girls Gold Division Champions!

Top row: Anna, Olivia, Hayley, LJ, Taylor, Arianna

Bottom row: Maddie, Caroline, Izzy, Meghan, Oakley

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