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Tonight, we finished a book that concluded, more or less, with two characters falling in love.  As I tucked Lindy in, we had the following discussion:

Lindy: I’m in love with my daddy.
Tim: I love you, too, Lou.
Lindy: But he’s too old for me… And he’s in love with someone else.

She was happy and forlorn at the same time.  Pretty sweet.  Contrast that with our dinner discussion tonight.  

We were talking through names that we might have used for the girls, had things fallen differently.  We talked about alternate tree names (Maple, Willow, Ashby).  Oakley’s sisters decided that her name should have been “Ashtoot”.  Ah, Oakley, she’s one high class individual in her sisters’ eyes.

Aspen and Oakley then went on to decide what Lindy’s name should have been.  The winners?

Tongue and “The Devil”

See, there’s so much love here!

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