Photos from Camp

What do Aspen and Oakley do at camp for 2 weeks? The girls take swimming, canoeing, diving, tennis, horseback riding, arts and crafts, games, nature, (climbing) wall, archery, and glee club. Camp Nakanawa is excellent about updating their website with pictures. Here are some of my favorites from the last 2 weeks:

Oakley Swimming

Oak rocking the mandatory white swim cap. It’s old-school cool and enables the counselors to quickly spot the girls in the lake.

Aspen Cabin 23

Aspen with her bunkies and counselor from cabin 23 (she’s the 2nd from the left)

Oakley Cabin 5

Oakley with her bunkies and counselors from cabin 5 (she’s in the middle, sporting braids)

Oakley Camp Photo

Oakley wearing the headband that she sewed in Arts and Crafts

Aspen Camp Photo

Aspen in her headband and red Amazon sash

Camp Nakanawa Zip line

The Climbing Wall and Zip Line in Senior Camp – a privilege reserved for the 5th graders, the oldest girls in Junior Camp (meaning Aspen got to do it!)

Camp Nakanawa Zip Line Aspen

Aspen zipping over Lake Aloaloa

Camp Nakanawa Zip Line Aspen 2

Oakley at Top with Cabin 5

Oakley with her bunkies at the bluff of Cumberland Cove

Oakley & McKenna

Oakley and McKenna, whom she met last year and is with again this year – much to her delight

Oakley hunting

Oakley on the prowl

Paddleboat Aspen

Aspen laughing. Priceless.

Aspen at Overnight 2

Aspen at the Overnight with Lucia, Kate, and Ramsay. They gathered down by the waterfront to swim, canoe, sing, dance, and eat hamburgers. Then they roasted marshmallows for s’mores and got into their sleeping bags to sleep under the stars. They slept late the next morning and had the ever-popular pancake breakfast, complete with bacon and hot chocolate.

Aspen Team Building

Aspen with her group, the Watermelons (including Molly T. in tie-dye), doing some team building on the low ropes course

Other highlights:

  • Aspen competed in the war canoe race for the Amazons and beat the Valkyries
  • Aspen getting a speaking part in the camp musical
  • Aspen and Oakley trotting in horseback riding
  • Aspen and Oakley getting posture pins

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