< class="entry-title">Miss Megan the Rock Star

Christmas came early this year. Miss Megan (formerly known as Miss Drury and now formally known was Mrs. Stotz – “it rhymes with polka dots!”) came for a visit at the beginning of June. Oakley was so excited to see her favorite teacher again that she was literally shaking when they hugged for the first time in two years. Two l-o-n-g years if you ask Oakley. During that time, Miss Megan has been a bit busy – moving, getting married, working on her PhD, and writing Oakley. Now Miss Megan was here in the flesh and it was almost too much for little Miss Oakley. An entire weekend with her idol. Be still her beating heart.

What a weekend it was! We knew Miss Megan was a rock star inside the classroom but it turns out she’s equally awesome outside of it as well. Mick has nothing on Miss Megan! Like all good rock stars, she partied. We celebrated her June 1st birthday. She played games. Lots of games – Wits and Wagers, Twister, Animal Upon Animal, and Settlers of Catan. Then, along with her husband Mr. George, she taught the girls how to play (and strategize!) gin rummy. She petted chickens. And even seemed to like them – as long as they didn’t move! She perused the Franklin Farmers’ Market on Saturday morning and dined on Delvin Farms’ strawberries all weekend long. She and Mr. George pushed off for Philadelphia early Sunday morning, but not before by giving us a parting gift – Rummikub – and issuing a throwdown for next time. Team Stotz v. Team Martin. Oh, it’s on!


Oakley and the Birthday Girl


Happy birthday dear Miss Megan!


Notice Miss Megan’s gold disco ball necklace, compliments of Lou, ’cause every rock star needs a little bling!


Looks of complete adoration from my daughters


Miss Megan bonding with Solo. That’s Mr. George in the back.

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