Volleyball Season 1

As I mentioned, the last weekend in April found Tim, Aspen, and and Lou in Atlanta for the final volleyball tournament of the season. While Aspen’s team didn’t do as well in regionals as they had hoped, the season, Aspen’s first, was still a resounding success. She learned so much, made 9 new friends, and had lots of fun. She even wants to try out for her school team next fall and play club again in the spring. Of course, her sisters can’t wait until they’re old enough to play, too. Many thanks to Coach Margaret and Coach Dani!

Club West 12-2.

Club West 12-2′s: The Aces at Regionals in Atlanta, April 28-29, 2012

top row: Aubrey, Rachel, Ann Chapman, Noelle, Aspen, and Sarah

bottom row: Leah, Becca, Carly, and Audrey


A photo recap of the season:









“So nice to meet you, Rachel.”


Pink Out – Surprise Baby Shower for Coach Margaret

top row: Leah, Aspen, Sarah, Aubrey, Rachel, Carly, and Coach Margaret

bottom row: Coach Dani, Aubrey, Leah, Ella (team mascot and big sister to be), Becca, and Ann Chapman


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