Another Author?

The following text is published as written in Lindy’s book she brought home from school today.  (Her handwriting is lovely, but I’d have to destroy the book to share that with you via a scan, so we’ll just go with text for today.)

The Bee Who Loved to Sing

Yay! Horay! It is my beeday!

The bee’s name was Tim. Tim loved to sing. All he ever did was sing.

Tim was trning 37 on his Beeday. Tim’s Beeday was the 16th of Febeeary. I love Febeeary. I love Febeeary. I love Febeeary. That is what the other bees sang to Tim. Yay! Horay! It is my Beeday! Febeeary is 2end month of the year.

He has sky blue wings. He has a sky blue dory with gold stripes. He usually where’s sky blue shoes. Sky blue is his favoret color. He loves his shoes! I love Tim’s shoes too! I love Tim with all my hart! If you met Tim would you like him? (Antsir by circling yes or no.) YES or NO. (Whell, I would circle YES and not NO just so you know.) My Dad is nice. I bet he would love you.



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