< class="entry-title">The Void in Lindy’s Mouth

About two weeks ago, our lovely dentist told Miss Lindy that her bottom front teeth were loose.  We were certain that he had done so just to give her hope.  You see, many of Lindy’s classmates have lost several teeth… she’s just slow in that regard.

So, we’ve spent the last few weeks hearing about her loose teeth.  To the point of, well, mild annoyance.  And then yesterday, Lindy showed me that she had a legitimately loose tooth.  And we pulled it out.  That’s right, we didn’t have the days of hanging tooth.  Instead, that tooth came out and this little girl simply can’t stop talking about it.  Truthfully, she’s crossed the line from slightly annoying to adorable just by being so absorbed by the void in her mouth.



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