Coach Brandon’s Coaching Resume

We had another great weekend of travel soccer this past weekend… (Our second of the year, incidentally.  We had a great time in Asheville, too.)  The highlight was that we had a couple occasions where the team listened to the coach.  And even better, the lovely Jenn caught them in pictures…

Brandon… you’re welcome to put this on your resume.

These pictures are from the last game the BWSC 03 Girls Elite team played on the weekend.  They were facing the much bigger, and one year older, team from Signal Mountain.  Down 1:0 early, the Signal Mountain goalie picked up the ball on a pass from her teammate.  This results in an indirect kick from very close to goal.

Brandon called over Parker and our little Miss Oakley (who was playing D at the time).  And get this, they listend to what he said!











To be clear, Oakley admitted she didn’t really pick that corner out, but I promised I wouldn’t tell.

And then there’s this beauty.  I know most of you come to this blog to read about the Martin girls, but I can’t pass up the well documented scissors of Miss Josie.


Possession gained


A very good defender in the way


A very good defender chasing


A go ahead goal

Congrats to you all of you, BWSC 03 Girls Elite.  It was a fun weekend, and you all did great.  (If you’d care to see a pile of pictures from this tournament, go here.  And all of the pictures we have of the team can be found here.)

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