Oakley’s 1st Tattoo,Tournament, & Trophy

This is Oakley’s first year playing club soccer. To be quite honest, we weren’t sure how it would go. Going in, we knew she liked soccer, due to Daddy and Aspen’s influence. Now she loves it, due to Coach Brandon’s influence. Our conversation one night on the way home from practice:

Oakley: I want to get a tattoo.

Me: Really?

Oakley: Yeah. Coach Brandon has a tattoo.

Me: Where?

Oakley, pointing to the bottom section of her middle finger: Right here. It’s the Roman numeral 8 (VIII).

Me: What’s it mean?

Oakley: It’s ’cause he has 8 people in his family. I want to get one, too, but can’t decide if I should get the Roman numeral 5 (V) or tally marks for our family of 5!

Thankfully, she plenty of time to decide! And thankfully, she has an awesome coach to push her this year. Oakley needs someone to push her. I’ve learned that it’s best for all of us if that someone isn’t always me. Two years ago we had Miss Megan Drury, and now we have Coach Brandon Moses. It’s gonna be a good year.


Who’s the guy sporting the upside down visor and bare feet on the sideline? None other than Coach Brandon


Beginner’s Luck? 1st Tournament, 1st Trophy







U-9 Girls Silver Division Champions – Stones River Futbol Club Summer Shootout, Smyrna, TN
(l-r): Parker, Sierra, Evy, Rachel, Ella, Isabella, Megan, Josie, Oakley

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