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3rd grade writing prompt on Sept. 7: “Summer is often a time for special adventures. Adventures can be things you do with family members or friends. Before you begin to write, think about a summertime adventure you have had. Now write a story about your special summer adventure.”

8-year-old Oakley’s response (written in 1 hour at school):


My favorite summer adventure I have ever had was this year. We were in Rothenburg, Germany (say Row-ten-berg) staying at a little fancy resort. It was wonderful. I had my own room, Lindy and Aspen had their own room, and Mama and Daddy had their own room. There was a bathroom, and the bathroom was painted the prettiest blue you have ever seen in your whole entire life. It was a room with light blue and dark blue, and I liked all the blues. They made me think of home and our blueberry patch, thinking if any bunnies or birds were feasting right now to fatten their bellies up. Everyday in Rothenburg we would walk up through the woods and enter the big, obteese city and the memories it needed to share. There was a big wall, protecting the city from whatever doom might approach it next. The wall had guards at the doors to get in. There were three doors in all. There were two big doors, so carriages and other means of transportation vehicles could enter this lovely little city. There was also a small man door installed in one of the big doors, so men and women could enter and return whenever they pleased. But along with the man door came a guard. A big, scary guard. And these guards, nope, you didn’t want anything to do with these men. After curfew, 9:00 p.m., they would stand behind the locked man door. And anyone who stayed up after 9:00 p.m. was not going to be a bright and happy lad the next morning. Because if you couldn’t bribe the guards to let you in, then you would be a feast to the wild animals in your sleep because they loved fresh meat. And they didn’t get fresh meat very often. So you better get in before curfew at 9:00 p.m.! Rothenburg, Germany was something you can’t forget in a lifetime, and I won’t. We also went to Austria and England, but this was my favorite adventure by a lot. It was very special to be there, but it was also a lot of fun to come home and see the garden in its prime, and to come home and receive a wonderful teacher like Mrs. Carter! I am very thankful for all I did this summer and the people who had the ability to create it for me.

The End

*Note: She’s referring to Rothenburg ob der Tauber. Apparently, there’s more than one Rothenburg in Germany. I must also add that Oakley is taking some literary license here. She created a new word – obteese (it means obese for a city). While the place where we stayed, Fuchsmuehle, is indeed wonderful, it isn’t a “fancy resort”. Rather, it’s a bed and breakfast in a 600-year-old mill with chickens out back, laying eggs for our breakfast.


Medieval meandering along Rothenburg’s incredibly well-preserved city walls









In trouble at the Medieval Crime and Punishment Museum (that’s one cool museum!)



17th century city council ordinance over meat prices: “Interestingly, bacon is doubly expensive as pork or veal”


The Night Watchman’s Tour – a definite highlight of our trip


Good thing doors have gotten bigger since the 1600′s


Not bad for a picture taken by a 5-year-old


The playground where we happily spent two lazy afternoons

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