< class="entry-title">Big Ben! Parliament!

In preparation for our European Vacation, I did some research, consulting Chowhound for where to eat, Rick Steves for where to stay and what to do, and Clark Griswold for what to say.



Clark: “Hey, there’s Buckingham Palace, kids. That’s where the Queen lives and works.”
Rusty: “Works? What does she do, Dad?”
Clark: “She queens and vacuums.”


“Look kids…forget it.”

Other London Highlights:

  • seeing The Lion King on the West End
  • eating our way through the Borough Market, especially the falafel at Arabica Food & Spice, the chorizo sandwich at Brindisa Tapas, and the goat cheese ice cream (summer berry with chili was our favorite flavor)
  • touring the Churchill War Rooms
  • watching USA vs. Colombia in the Women’s World Cup at “The Hole in the Wall” pub
  • riding the Tube
  • walking to “Scoop” gelato in the midst of the Pride London Festival
  • taking the double decker bus tour
  • arriving at Kings Cross Station (sadly platform 9¾ was undergoing renovation)
  • enjoying the playground at the London Eye (while much less impressive than the awesome playground at the North Yorkshire Moors National Park it offered a much needed place to run)


All smiles on the Waterloo Bridge – overlooking the Thames, the Millenium Bridge, the London Eye (fancy ferris wheel), Parliament, and Big Ben (again)

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