Please Mr. Postman

Oh yes, wait a minute, Mr. Postman
Wait! Wai-ai-ai-ait Mr. Postman
Mr. Postman, look and see (oh, yeah)
If there’s a letter in your bag for me (please, please Mr. Po-o-o-stman)
I been waiting such a long time (oh, yeah)
Since I heard from that girl of mine.

postcards 1

Dear Mommy and Daddy,

Camp has been really fun! What have you been doing? Today we did a canoe tip, so now I know how to turn over a canoe without it having any water in it.

I heart you!


P.S. I miss you!


Dear M&D,

I’m an Amazon with Oakley. Camp’s been awesome!


P.S. Love you! Bye!

A little background: On the very first night of camp, each new camper draws to see if she will be an Amazon or Valkyrie. (Kinda sounds like the Sorting Hat in Harry Potter, doesn’t it?)

The Amazons are mythological warriors that rode in two’s into battle and were excellent archers. The Valkyries are mythological maidens that rode in three’s on black horses into battle. These two teams were established the very first summer of Nakanawa in 1920. The Amazons and Valkyries have competitions each weekend. They also have meetings every Monday night at a special spot in the woods. There they work together to plan special events and parties for the other team.

from the Camp Nakanawa website

Nice but surprisingly brief from our normally verbose eldest daughter. Turns out she would elaborate in this:

aspen letter


Mommy & Daddy & Lou,

I’m an Amazon with Oakley! After rest hour (now) we’re going to team elections at the playhouse. I like that team. Some of (actually , most) of my “bunkies” are Amazons. The are Anna, Helen, Shelby, and Kate. Camila and Wagner are Valkyries. I’ve made friends with Mae, Anna, Camila, and Wagner. I like the food here. For lunch today we had tacos with pudding for dessert. I also like my counselors. They are Morgan and Ashley. Morgan does diving and Ashley does tennis. We rotate activities. First, I have swimming and diving (we haven’t done any real diving yet.) then canoeing and then Glee Club (singing). Then we have Milk Break which is milk with graham crackers. Then nature, then tennis. Then lunch. Next is Rest Hour, then free swim. Then Games or Archery. Next is Riding or (Climbing) Wall. Then Dinner and Evening Entert(ainment). Next blinks, devotions, and taps. I rode Nyles (Niles) yesterday. Becca (a counselor) said she was sorry he was being stubborn. I had fun anyway. Miss you! Bye!

Love you,

Martin, Oackly

Oakley wearing red to signify she’s an Amazon


All smiles with her new friend at the Nature Hut

Martin, Aspen

Another amazing Amazon, Aspen


Aspen and her “bunkies” from Cabin 14. Where’s Aspen? Why, she’s the one doing the backbend!

Want to see more pictures from their 1st week of camp? Click here.

P.S. Thank you, Mr. Postman!

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