< class="entry-title">Commondale

The first leg of our summer 2011 voyage took us to England. In the North Yorkshire Moors, we saw signs like this:


Sights like these:





And sheep like this:


On our way to the North Yorkshire Moors National Park from our home base in Ingleby Greenhow, we were literally stopped in our tracks in Commondale (pop. 129). With more sheep than people in this tiny village, sheep undoubtably have the right of way here. Peering through the windshield of our stopped car, we saw the jiggling backside of a large woolly sheep loping downhill and a small sheep charging uphill directly toward it – set on a collision course smack in the middle of the road for all five of us to see. Tim quickly scrambled for the camera. Surely they were going to crash. Or perhaps fight. Fight or flight, right? Wrong, at least in Commondale, where they were going to do this:

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