< class="entry-title">Berry Beginnings and Garlic Galore


Yes, we realize that not all of these are ripe. But when your 10, 8, and 5 year olds are willingly working in the garden…

Lou is the creator and namer of the “blookberry.”  She takes one blueberry and one blackberry and stacks them on top of each other as she pops them into her mouth. She repeats until her tummy is full or she runs out of berries – whichever comes first.


Tim’s 1st gig as a hand model. Not bad, huh?


Tim’s 1st garlic harvest. Again, not bad, huh?


Tim’s 1st time curing garlic. If he forgets to bring it when it rains, now that would be bad.


Know what else is bad? Taking photos without cleaning your cutting board. Oops – can you tell we had the last of the strawberries for lunch?


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