< class="entry-title">Wherein my youngest daughter has a wardrobe malfunction… repeatedly

And so ends another chapter of the Martin book. For no less than seven years, I’ve had a daughter in one of Miss Donna’s Kinderdance classes. And for no less than seven years, Miss Donna has held a place in the Mount Rushmore of “People Who Manage to Meet Our Exceptionally High Expectations”.

Thank you, Miss Donna, for hosting a dance class that had piles of the right kinds of things, and none of the stuff that makes people like me run away. As always, I had the privilege of watching 30 minutes of my daughter and about 3 seconds without her (while all the girls changed into tap clothes).

I’ve boiled those 30 minutes down to about 8 for those of you who’d care to watch. I’m sure I’ll watch this with tears in my eyes a few times over the next 10 years.

And yes, Lindy did have a wardrobe malfunction, of the footwear kind… Those darn tap shoes, both of them, found their way off her feet three different times. And on each occasion, the kid kept the show rolling without missing a beat. What a showoff…

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