< class="entry-title">Lois Lowry is Brilliant

Sometimes I read books that are fun, but not important.  Yes, I’ll admit it.  I liked Hunger Games a lot.  I’ll even admit that I liked 3.5 of the 4 Twilight books.  (At some point, Renesme just becomes laughable.)

But then there are other books, books that are both fun and important.  I’ve read three Lois Lowry books in total (all aloud with the girls), and each of them is brilliant.  Right now, we’re half way through Messenger, the third in The Giver “trilogy”, and it is simply excellent.  Tonight, there was a fantastic quote… So, it must be shared.

Finally, she [Jean] looked up at Matty and said in a puzzled voice, “It was so important to him, and he made it important to me: poetry, and language, and how we use it to remind ourselves of how our lives should be lived…”

Jean was talking about her dad, Mentor, who had changed.  He had given up something of himself, in exchange for something of worldly importance.

Jenn and I love books, and we love the influence they have had and continue to have on our kids.  Whenever people ask us for parenting advice (or we decide to give it unsolicited), it is always, “Read to your kids a lot, from day one through at least day 3650.”  (You see, that’s as far as we’ve gone at this point.)

Reading to our kids every day has given them a lot.  They are so well spoken, they love to read, they have amazing attention spans.  Perhaps more important, though, it gives us a shared language.

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