“Love Bug” by Oakley Martin

It was a Monday evening, and I had just gotten home from school.  Now I was tromping up the stairs to my room.  I got upstairs and sat on my window seat.  Something cracked under the seat of pants!  I practically jumped up and out of my pants.  Who would expect something to crack under the seat of their pants when they sat down?!  The answer is NOBODY!  So, I quickly came back to my senses and slowly turned around.  There sat a crushed ladybug without one of his wings.  I let out a relieved sigh of old, cooped up breath.  Then there rose the other ladybug wing.  “Whoa!” I said.  Then, it tickled me under the chin.  I laughed.  I sure hoped this was over.  Then the ladybug came back together and lived hap-bug-ly ever after.

Oakley Martin
February 2011

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