So, we were chatting on the way home from soccer practice tonight.  The conversation started with a neighbor, who is divorced.  Lindy was asking if that meant that the Dad was at work, and I explained that it meant they were no longer married.  Good stuff.  Then, this…

Oakley: I’m not sure I ever want to get married.
Tim: OK, that’s cool Oakley, you certainly don’t have to.  Why do you say that?
Oakley: Well, I don’t think I could handle the despair of divorce.
Tim: Well, I understand that, but remember, there can be a lot of joy in marriage too.
Oakley: OK, but I might still decide to be sinister.

Um, what?!

Oakley: Yeah, it was is a Miss Maddie book (or something)
Tim: Oakley, the word is spinster.

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