A loss, but the good kind

This year has been jam packed with soccer victories.  The girls are on good teams, and the stars have aligned for a lot of wins.  Not so for Oakley’s team this week.  They ran up against a really big, really skilled team.  But you know what?  The Cheetahs that I saw play did a great job.  They battled, they competed, they didn’t give up.  Had the ball bounced a little differently, I think there’s a chance they come away as the victors.

Really, though, how could they be expected to win?  The other team had matching hair bows.  Certain things just can’t be overcome.  (The final score was 4-2 for red, even though all of the goals aren’t shown here.  Three of their goals went in off the post!)

Be sure to check out Oakley’s face during the slow mo as she looks to see if she can cross it.  (The cross fails, but the face is awesome.)

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