“The Call of the Bird”, by Oakley Martin

Jenn found this story and others in Oakley’s school bag tonight.  She had torn them out of her notebook from the summer and placed them in an envelope titled, “Short Stories for School”, by Oakley Rhea Martin.

I’ve captured it precisely as she wrote it…

“Caw, Caw, Caw,” the crow flew up into a pine tree up high.  Oh, how those three girls loved nature.  But best of all they loved birds.  But maybe they didn’t like it when the birds ate their blueberries.  That was just kind of upseting.  The oldest sister, Aspen loved how beautiful and shiny the wings were.  Oakley, who was the middle sister, loved how swift they were in flight.  Lindy, who was the youngest sister, loved how beautiful the birds eggs were, for example the light turquiose blue of the robins egg.  One day, the 3 girls heard a female and male cardinal chirping a song.  Then the three sisters knew what they had to do.  They had to keep birds in their hearts forever.  Keep nature exist in the world.  The cardinals had sent a message to keep them them birds and whole safe.

Keep the Birds!

the end

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