Brothers. And best buds.

I’ve been traveling for the last week or so. For whatever reason, I don’t talk to my girls every night. It might be because I just don’t like talking on the phone, and they really don’t like it all that much either. But when we do talk, it’s pretty fun. I’m amazed by how well they do it… what they tell me… even how they sound.

Tonight, I was talking with Lindy about her experience this weekend when she went horseback riding with Brian, Grammie, Grandpa, and Brian’s partner, Maury. And. She. Said. This.

Daddy. Did you know that Grandpa and Maury are best buds? And brothers?

Why!? Well, I worked through it with Lindy and Grandpa’s and Maury’s horses were, in fact, very friendly brothers. But I suspect their brotherhood would come as quote a shock to Grandpa and Maury.

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