Oakley’s Letters

I know I’ve been hyping Oakley a lot lately, but there’s just a lot of good stuff going on. (Aspen and Lindy have their moments too, but they haven’t been translating to the blog as well as Oakley’s. Incidentally, Aspen voluntarily helped me clean out the whole basement from the flood today, which was pretty awesome.)

But, back to Oakley’s letters… I’ll just share them verbatim. They’re that good.

Dear Daddy and Mommy,
How are y’all doing? My day at school flew by like a bald eagle. I hope your day was as good as mine.
Love, Oakley

Dear Jocelyn,
How are you doing? How is the weather in San Jose, CA? Today the sun is shinig and I think we will be going outside for recess. It is about 94° here. What book are you reading? I am reading Geronimo Stilton books. They are so dramatic! Benjamin is so cute and funny. Right now Aspen is reading Warriors.
See you soon, Oakley

Dear Hannah,
How are you doing? What did you [do]] in Panama City? My Nana and Papa once went to Panama City and bought me and my sisters Panama Dolls. They are so cool! Mine was purple, as expeted [sic]. Hope you had fun in Panama City!
Love, Oakley
P.S. Can I play with you at recces [sic]? And also I lost my front tooth

Dear 5th grade friends,
We are so proud of you! I know you will be as happy as a pig in the mud. You will succeed in TCQP. It is easy peasy lemon squezzy [sic] because you have done it already 2 times! Tests will be gettin gharder in middle school so just go ahead and do TCAP be lucky and do not be nervous or afraid. Good luck !! :)
Love, Oakley (First Grader)

April 21, 2010
Dear Ms. Drury,
Thank you for being such an encoraging [sic] teacher. I don’t wait to use your skills because I might be a teacher one day. You have a very good gift of teaching. Thank you again!
Sincerly [sic],

Dear Mrs. Shulz, [_note: Mrs. Shultz is the assistant principal_]
We need healthier lunches. We need more regular milk and water. Please help us in that situation. It would help more people stay fit. Please respond! To [sic] many people are getting sugar.

Dear Senator,
I am concerned about factorys [sic] that pollute and people who smoke because those factorys and people pollute the air and someday will get into the ocean and hurt and suffucate [sic] them and they are mainly our sorce [sic] of living. People who do that should pay a fine and go to court. I think it should be a law because it is so hurtful! Please respond and help us! It will help people stay fit and not get sick and maybe die! Than [sic] we may have a drug-free world! It would be good for or [sic] world.
Sincerly [sic],

What, Oakley, no letter to Obama?!

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