Oakley’s First Grade Year – Coming to a Close

Oakley has had a brilliant first grade year. Literally, brilliant. Credit can go to many… her school has served he so well this year, her teacher, well, we’ve talked about that… and her mom is OK, too.

I’ve got two things to share… first, as video. Oakley’s school play took place last week, and her school deserves a lot of credit for doing these things right. All of the kids get their moment to shine, it’s fun, it’s brief, I even enjoy going. That’s an accomplishment.

So, enjoy Three of a Kind, including Oakley’s muscles and her trio…

Over the last few days, we’ve experienced massive amounts of rain. If you haven’t paid attention, Nashville has received some 18 inches of rain over the weekend. It’s crazy. We’re fine, though, so the impact has been minimal. In fact, Oakley took the weekend to do some writing. She found a journal from the fall with a story she wrote. It reads like this

I play soccer.
I played against Megan once.
I play at Crockett park.

Pretty good, right? I mean, punctuation, sentence structure… not bad.

Well, Oakley read it and said, “I want to show how much better I am this now. I’m going to write some more.” So, without any help whatsoever, this is what she wrote over the last couple of days. It has so much Oakley in it… So much personality, so many words. (All spelling and grammar are Oakley’s alone.)

May 2, 2010 (Sunday)
Rain has been pounding hard on us for two days straight. On Sunday the power went off. Now the power has only been on 2 times since. There as thunder and lightning. Daddy, Aspen, Linden, and I all went out in the current of the creek. The water was muddy and brown. School was cancled. Yahoooo !! :) I like being out of school, even better a three day weekend, but I miss my unbeatable Teacher Mis. Drury. I always wish my class would come to my house and have school there. We also have more room to play outside. But I am very positive that that will NEVER happen.

May 3, 2010 (Monday) Tim’s note: School was out for the floods.
At the end of this 2009-2010 year Ms. Drury is coming to my house for dinner. We are going to fix her a very nice meal because she is a very nice teacher. I loved her. It is to bad she is going to move away to Pennslyvania. But I think she is doing that because that is where her parents live. She moved here from Tampa, Florida so I expect she is used to traveling. I don’t have to worry about Ms. Drury getting airsick. I hope one main part of the dinner will be strawberries. Delvin. Or we have to make sure that they are from the farmers Market. Ms. Drury also go to get the Thursday CSA from Delvin but we have never seen her. (Unfortunatley.) We will have tomatoes and maybe pizza. Our kind.. Homeade. I can’t wait until we get to send her an email. I hope Ms. Drury responds, Yes!

May 4, 2010
School Day
Yes, as you know school has started up again. Boo-hoo. Well, at least I get my teacher back.

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