End of an Era – Training Wheels

I enjoy watching my kids grow up. Some parents are crushed by the passing of time, but so far, I find that I like my kids more and more all the time. So, when they move past some moment in their life, I’m happy for them, not sad.

Well, this weekend, we passed another milestone in our familial development. As of yesterday, April 4, 2010, the Martin family no longer needs training wheels (in a very literal sense).

Late Saturday afternoon, Lindy asked me to watch her use her sister’s razor scooter… a two wheeled device that requires control and steering and balance. And you know what? She could do it without issue. So, I thought, why not throw her on Oakley’s bike and see how she does? She couldn’t quite manage the size, but she could balance to some degree.

So, out came the pliers and off came the extra wheels. You can see the results for yourself.

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