< class="entry-title">Aspen’s Solo!

Sorry it’s been a while since I posted… I’m gonna drop several on you in a row, so that should be fun, at least!

Last night was Aspen’s church musical, entitled Power Play. I wasn’t in the mood to video the whole thing, but I thought I’d try to catch Aspen’s big moment. You see, earlier this week, the director James realized the kids were struggling with the words to one of the songs. So he decided to break it up into a few solos. And he offered for Aspen to do one of them.

Well, she jumped at the opportunity, prepared on her own, and let us know. Truth be told, I didn’t even know which song it was in! And in the end, this presented a problem. You see, our video camera doesn’t turn on immediately… it waits, accesses the hard drive, thinks about it, and then it’s ready to record.

Well, when Aspen came tearing out of the back row to grab the microphone, I wasn’t quite ready… So the video picks up mid-solo. Oh well.

Regardless, I was awed at how well Aspen performed. I had no idea that she could sing this well! So, I’m awfully proud. Enjoy watching Aspen a few times if you like… I certainly did.

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