Miss Drury… in Oakley’s words

Last night, I decided that I wanted to try something new with the camera. You see, our SLR actually has the ability to do high def video, and I’ve never used it to great effect. So, I told Oakley that I wanted to try something. She said she was willing, but that she really wanted to record Lindy more… So, we did that too.

Ultimately, though, I just sat Oakley down at the island, turned on the camera, and recorded. You can hear Lindy goofing off… Then I asked Oakley to tell me about herself. She does so briefly, but then she takes the conversation somewhere different. She decides to talk about Miss Drury, her 1st grade teacher.

Now, I’ve told many of you about Miss Drury on the blog and elsewhere. This, however, is Oakley’s unfettered, unrehearsed, uncensored opinion of her teacher.

Now, I believe that Miss Drury reads this blog from time to time. I thought about saving this… I thought about sparing her the embarrassment. But then I reconsidered. Teachers, especially great ones, have to be lauded… publicly. So, Miss Drury, I hope that you carry this close to your heart forever.

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