< class="entry-title">Garden “Expansion”

If you’ve read even a couple of posts on this blog, you know we’re a little bit into food, especially the local kind. And there’s no more local food than that we grow right here in our yard. Our girls are great eaters, and part of the reason for that is that they are emminently connected to their food. They know where it came from, how it was made, and they know what they like.

Well, 2009 was our second year of big fun gardening in our little “4 raised bed” garden. It looked like this…


2010, however, is going to be an entirely new beast. With just a bit of preparation last weekend, and a pile of work this one, we went from…




That’s right… we went from 4 beds to 21 beds over a single weekend. Yes, these are smaller in most cases (2 × 8 instead of 4 × 8). And yes, I still have fill them with dirt, but we’re thrilled to have them in place. And I’m thrilled to have made it out of bed this morning.

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