“I thought you were gonna say…”

We’ve discussed, more than once, how Oakley has a talent with words. She reads beautifully, and writes equally well. I think she’s nothing short of brilliant. And, in a way, I was telling her that in the car today.

We’d been cruising along, talking a bit about the words she coined in this piece (Squack! Skit!).

Tim: Oakley.
Oakley: Yeah?
Tim: I really believe that you could do so many things well. You can really be whatever you want, but…
Oakley: But what?
Tim: Well, I really really think you could be an amazing, a brilliant writer.
Oakley: Oh, that’s cool. I think I might really want to be one, but…
Tim: But, what?
Oakley: [_pauses_] Well, I thought you were gonna say clown.

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